Activity directions of the Center

  • Development and research activity;
  • New technologies and inventions introduction;
  • Appraisal of the science intensive projects coming on approval;
  • Information technologies;
  • Licensing and patenting;
  • Organization of investment of capital in  research and research-development work, industrial introduction of projects;
  • Prototype of resources-economy mechanisms development and making;
  • Development of new materials on the basis of high technologies;
  • Introduction of developments in the field of utilization of detrimental waste;
  • Development of techniques and technologies on the agricultural products processing;
  • New generation biologicals and new medical products;

    The production of development and industrial product samples, made on the basis of high technologies is accomplished with attracting of Scientific-manufacturing firms and  Pilot plants.

    The Center advises on questions of examination, investment and introduction of science intensive projects, and also helps in the new technologies promotion.  

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