The rise of the economics is hardly imagined without a technical restructuring of the Power generating Complex. It also concerns new kinds of technologies aand energy resources in use. Suggested Projects of resource economy technologies can make a revolution in the Power- Engeneering as soon as it uses the new complex approach in the fuel preparation and burning, and the processing of the products of burning.

We are inviting to the discussion of these and attendant problems.

Performance attributes of the plant for the production of the peat-coal fuel

Plant is designed to produce new kinds of fuel using traditional sources of raw materials - coal, peat, oil or masut with new characteristics in the form of peat-coal briquettes and liquid fuel.
The basis of the suggested technology is in a deep processing of wastes of fuel extraction and attaching new characteristics which satisfy standards.
As a raw material the peat and waste of coal mining are used. Oil and masut are used as modifiers. The suggested plant solves the problem of using the technology of raw materials processing in industry.
In the project there are taken into consideration the posibility of plant scaling according its productivity, power inputs, transporting characteristics, automation and the end product quality control.

Project for the economy of the solid fuel through the preparation of a coal-water slurry and the burning of it in a fire-chamber by vortical precombustion burners

Even through a standard technology of burning of sort coals the underburning comprises 10–50% or the process of burning takes place in places where it does not influence the degree of efficiency, for example in gas flues. The underburning of the fuel particles takes place in zones which are low in oxidant, that is why ideal conditions for the full burning are with keeping the  stoichiometric ratio of the oxidant and the fuel in every point of the stream.

Thermal generator TG-10

The thermal generator is essentially new source of heat. The principle of its work is based on creation of hydrodynamic fluctuations of high intensity in the liquid environment, accompanied by heat allocation. The liquid is simultaneously both a working body and thermal energy carrier. The range of working temperatures created by thermal generators lies in an interval 273°К—373°К.