The activity of the Innovation Center of High Technologies has the ecological purpose. Among the Projects we are moving forward, many are connected with inductry wastes utilization and processing. Such Projects as: the utilization of car tyres and domestic wastes, the processing of dump ashes in thermal power-stations and concentrating enterprises - are ready nowadays to be introduced.

We are invitinf EcoFunds and Ecological Committees to take part in the Projects promotion.

Technological Complex for Damped Tyres Processing

The problem of the environmental safety is becoming more and more acute in our modern society. As a result, to protect the environment huge amounts of investment are being made for restructuring the industrial process. The best way-out is designing a closed production cycle where no harmful wastes can escape, and the end product can be processed and used again. Existing technologies of processing allow to utilize practically any wastes of human vital functions. But for the successful realization of these technologies the end process of the utilization should be profitable in accordance with laws of the economics.

Ashes processing

Here are results of the technical and economic assessment of the technology for a deep processing of ashes in heat-electric generating plants with the emission of valuable components as marketable products.

The basis of technological solutions is comprised of results of researches done by members of the Institute "Hydrotsvetmet" and by YOUR initiative.