New equipment for the production of cheap and high-quality feeds

        The signiicance of the problem of cheap feeds production and of its quantity is obvious.

        It should be noted that in the world practice of feed-production the part of grain-crops in feeds constitute 30%, while in Russia it is 100% but only 50% is assimilated.

        The present suggestion contains specific solutions for the increase of the effectivenes of the process of production of feeds of high quality, low primecost, high specific capacity and wide range of vegetable raw materials and waste usage. Its main point is in the developing of the system of modular plants for the processing of all kinds of initial raw materials into cereals, flour or paste, the making of technological briquettes for warehousing and transportation, and also the following blending of components and the production of granules with given qualities. The simplicity and effectiveness of such technology is based on developed by us new highly efficient hardware for the production of powders, pastes and suspensions from different initial raw materials. 

        Basic plants which constitute an independent multi-purpose system for the production of feeds of practically any compounding and physico-mechanical and biological qualities, are:

  • Modular compact-plant for the production of vitamin-grass flour (briquettes,granules) from vegetable raw materials and wastes of field husbandry.
  • Mills, crushers and peelers for the processing of grain, leguminous plants and solid components into cereals and flour.
  • Plant for the processing of fibrous-grass raw materials ans straw into fine-fibre products and flour (briquettes, granules).
  • Plant for the processing of roots into pastes, concentrate and flour.
  • Plants for the processing of meat-bone and fish raw materials, wastes of fur farming into meat-bone and fish flour (briquettes, granules).
  • Feedpland itself on the basis of КА–4, completed with new grinding-blending equipment. It uses feed components and grain and balancing admixtures  which are produced on the above mentioned plants.

        Developed by us modern hardware of processing, technologies. machinery and modular plants are not only high-powered technical basis while developing new highly effective plants, but also can be used by the reconstruction of already existing plants and modernization. 

        The large scale of the suggested technical solutions for the creation of effective production base require in its turn scaled and unordinary organisational solutions on the basis of economic and industry regional potentials and interests with the attraction of bank credits, budgetary funds and non-state capitals. It will allow to organize the regional production of efficient, simple and reliable techniques for the production of chep and effecive feeds.

        Suggested hardware and technologies of the feed-production allow to satisfy regional wants in feeds of the local production, additionaly using only balancing admixtures which are produced centralized. It is an important component for the prevention of industry accidents in a farm or region, and for more effective usage of the current potential (sceintific, engeneering, industrial, personnel).

        The basic hardware and technologies were examinated by technicians of the Ministery of Agriculture. It should be noted that the suggested technologies and hardware surpass known analogs in the effectiveness and performance attributes; and being the science intensive product the suggested technologies are competetive on the world market.

        Technicoeconomic figures and price characteristics are given in the registration certificate for every specific plant.


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