Thermal generator TG-10

The general description

The thermal generator is essentially new source of heat. The principle of its work is based on creation of hydrodynamic fluctuations of high intensity in the liquid environment, accompanied by heat allocation. The liquid is simultaneously both a working body and thermal energy carrier.

The range of working temperatures created by thermal generators lies in an interval 273°К—373°К.

Application of thermal generators

The thermal generator is compact enough energy source which can be established in a place of consumption of heat. However for creation of hydrodynamic fluctuations the thermal generator itself needs a supply of electric or mechanical energy. Therefore application of the thermal generator especially effectively for replacement of traditional systems of heating in the inhabited and industrial premises having a supply of the electric power, sufficient for maintenance of work most теплогенератора. The same devices and units which use as the heat-carrier water or steam (radiators, heaters, etc.) can be used.
As in thermal generators there is no high pressure on their installation it is not required permissions of bodies Goskotlonadzora.
Advantages of thermal generators

Thermal generators in comparison with traditional sources of thermal energy have following advantages:

    Do not allocate burning or disintegration products that does their non-polluting.
    Use of a special working body for energy allocation do not demand. For maintenance of the work they use power possibilities of the heat-carrier.
    Теплогенераторы do not demand the branched out network of a supply of the heat-carrier to heating devices.
    In heating devices connected to теплогенераторам the scum is not formed and, hence, in due course conditions теплоотдачи do not worsen.
    Are very easy-to-work and practically do not demand maintenance service.

Technical characteristics thermal generators TG - 10

Productivity (m3/h)


Weight (kg)


Dimension (mm)


Power (kW)




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