The system of machinery, sets, plants and technology for the deep processing of grain-crops and legume into high-quality product

Nowadays for the processing of agricultural raw materials hammer centrifugal mills of different kinds, cutting and rolling mechanisms are applied. They are characterised by high power inputs and limited range of physico-mechanical qualities of the  material under processing.  Searches of ways to heighten the effectiveness of the processing are carried on in the field of the traditional techniques. However traditional methods of processing are power-comsuming, their performance factor is less than 3% and the have a high deterioration level because of their structural features. The absence of essential number of modifications of processing facilities and their low effectiveness is tried to be compensated by the expensive emported equipment, the perfomance facot of which is also rather low — about 3–5%.

The radical improvement of performance characteristics of processing is possible only on the basis of new and effective principles. The new process of processing developed in our Institute is based on the creation of the shear power of the predetermined rate in the volume of materials under processing, and realize the principle of volumetric self-grinding. These factors are making for the high economy of the process, guarantee the narrow range of fractional composition of the product of processing and simplify problems of ranging during the working out of plants of capacity requirement. For example, testing results and the comparative analysis of the mill-crusher RZDM–11–3,2 developed in our Institute excel all known corn-crushers and mills in the effectiveness and performance attributes. All this makes for its high competitive ability on the world market.

Our system of machinery, compact sets, block-modular plants and technologies for the processing of grain-crops, legume and oils cultures into high-quality products: flour, cereals, unground buckwheat, pastes and powders - is based on hardware of new generation developed by us in the Soviet Department of Russian Academy of Sciences and provide the high effectiveness of following engineering processes:

  • fragmentation, иpounding, dispersion and atomization of materials of a wide range of qualities up to the product of given fractional composition and necessary physicochemical and mechanical qualities;
  • classification and separation of granular and dispersed materials;
  • roughing and peeling-grinding of all kinds of  grain-crops, legume and oils cultures;
  • conditioning — hydrothermal processing (HTP);
  • drying of granular and dispersed materials, tough pastes and suspensions;

For the realization of given engineering processes we have developed highly effective new generation hardware for processing, which excel best known samples in main performance attributes:

  • mill-crushers, mill-activators,mill-homogenizers, mill-dispersers, mill-defibrators;
  • rotary and vortical aerodynamic classifier-separators;
  • rotary scouring, roughing and hulling-whitening machines;
  • dryers for grain-crops with the recirculation of the energy carrier and economizer, infrared (IR) drying of  food raw materials and spray driers for dispersed and slurred materials, and suspensions of high tenacity.

We have developed and suggest for the production and sale the new generation equipment of high effectiveness for fragmentation-pounding, separation-classifying, peeling-grinding, cleaning and drying of grain-crops:

  • Rotary crushers of grain-crops and other hard materials. The size of crushed particles can be adjusted. Productivity 0,1–5,0 ton per hour, energy intensity 3–5 kilowat-hour per ton
  • Rotary mill-crushers for vegetable raw materials processing and other viscoplastic materials into cereals, paste, flour. Productivity is up to 5 ton per hour, energy intensity 5–10 kilowatt-hour per ton.
  • Rotary mills for the processing of grain, hard and viscous materials into flour getting narrow distribution of the product of grinding in the given range of particle size. Productivity 0,01–1,0 ton per hour, energy intensity 15–20 kilowatt-hour per ton.
  • Rotary scouring, roughing and hulling-whitening machines for taking down of the given number of casings (given thickness of grain blanket). Productivity 0,3–1,0 ton per hour, energu intensity 3–5 kilowatt-hour per ton.
  • Aerodynamic separator-classifi for the flour and other powder materials, and also for the refinement of seeds, cereals, grain and other materials from the light dirt. Productivity is up to 2,0 ton per hour.
  • Mill complex for the production of high-quality flour. Productivity 0,5 (1,0) ton per hour, the installed capacity - 54 kilowatt. Weight 3,8 ton, dimension — 6х3х2,5m. Made of modular units for grind preconditioning,conditioner- peeling, grinding, separation-sowing. The high effectiveness is attained by using new aerodynamic vortical and rotary-centrifugal technologies. Efficiency of the high-quality flour is up to 75%.
  • Line for the production of the high-quality soybean flour. Productivity 0,5 (1,0) ton per hour.
  • Set for the production of the whole cereals, which icludes peeling, hydrothermal processing (HTP), peeling-grinding. The basic productivity is 1,0 ton per hour, energy intensity 8–14 kilowatt-hour per ton, weight - 0,4 ton.

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