Ashes processing

Here are results of the technical and economic assessment of the technology for a deep processing of ashes in heat-electric generating plants with the emission of valuable components as marketable products.

The basis of technological solutions is comprised of results of researches done by members of the Institute "Hydrotsvetmet" and by YOUR initiative.

The complex sysytem of machines and technologies for the production and application of constructional and heat-insulating cellular bodies, solutions, dry mixes and heat-insulating materials

The new genaration of energy-economy intensive metods and machines for crushing, fragmentation-activation, dispersion-spraying, separation and classification of  superfine and granular materials allows to produce effective and compatative capable multi-purpose machines for the production of dispersed composite materials with necessary qualities (powders, pastes and suspension) with the help of modern methods of despersed technology practically from any initial material. The created machines have a high specific capacity considering low energi inputs, multipurpose, easy to readjust, permit to produce qualitative manufactures and surpass all known analogs in its perfomance attributes.

Construction project for the Sugar Plant

In Siberia sugar is delivered from the West. Attempts to establish its production in Siberia failed because there are no raw materials for the traditional sugar production in Siberia. For example, beet needs160 sunny days to ripen, while there are only 90 sunny days in our clomate conditions. Besides, in the Westthere can be noticed a sharp reduction of the sugar production.

The suggested new method for the sugar production from grain can solve many problems of the Siberian region.

Processing line for the mayonnaise production

The processing line for the mayonnaise production consists of a reservoir with a blending machine which serves for the components proportioning and preliminary product mixing. Thereafter the raw material is delivered in a powder dispenser where it is mixed and decontaminated finally. Major advantages of the line with the powder dipenser are the decontamination and the more profound blending of components whcih does not allow product flooding.

Establishment of the line for the production of fibre from a flax stock

Russia has the biggest sown areas of flax in the world, however the leading world supplier of the flax fibre is France. That is why nowadays the increase of the high-quality flax fibre production is of fundamental importance. But the present processing equipment is power and metal consuming, and has a low productivity. The output of long high-grade fibre is less than 35%, and more than 45% from the whole quantity of initial fibre is processed into the technical and inferior material (oakum), with total power inputs of 2000 kilowatt-hour per ton and manhour of 54,8 man-hour to get the firbre from 1 ton of straw.

The system of machinery, sets, plants and technology for the deep processing of grain-crops and legume into high-quality product

Nowadays for the processing of agricultural raw materials hammer centrifugal mills of different kinds, cutting and rolling mechanisms are applied. They are characterised by high power inputs and limited range of physico-mechanical qualities of the  material under processing.  Searches of ways to heighten the effectiveness of the processing are carried on in the field of the traditional techniques.

The basalt production

The technology of the production of basalt-ibrous materials (VMST, TIM and fine continuous fibre) is based on the modular principle, which allows to input facilities effectively in turns, using as a rule current working areas which are supplied with the necessary engineering equipment and power systems.

The technological process of the industrial production of the above mentioned ware can be expanded in a current production building with a height of 9 metres.