Establishment of the line for the production of fibre from a flax stock

(productivity: 0,5 ton of fibre per hour)

Russia has the biggest sown areas of flax in the world, however the leading world supplier of the flax fibre is France. That is why nowadays the increase of the high-quality flax fibre production is of fundamental importance. But the present processing equipment is power and metal consuming, and has a low productivity. The output of long high-grade fibre is less than 35%, and more than 45% from the whole quantity of initial fibre is processed into the technical and inferior material (oakum), with total power inputs of 2000 kilowatt-hour per ton and manhour of 54,8 man-hour to get the firbre from 1 ton of straw. Considering the existend technology for the fibre production which is based on the machine-mechanical technology of the ХIХ century, the raw material (straw, stock, bast) pass through main technological operations: expression, ablution, drying, layer forming, lamination, braking, scutching, carding, sorting, pressing and warehousing. Attempts to improve the technology of high-grade fibre production could not raise the effectiveness of the process of high-grade fibre manufacturing, because the low effectiveness of the processing predetermines the low efficacy of the technological process in general.

The radical improvement of performance characteristics of the production of fibre from fibrous vegetable raw materials is possible only using a fundamentaly new approach. Developed by us new physical model of the energy supply to the cultivated (destructible) material allows to reject traditional ways of fibre splitting and  the separation from the fibre a non-fibrous part, and to create a new technical base. This base is developed by us in Soviet Department of Russian Academy of Sciences unique energy-efficient hardware for processing which perform a wide range of manufacturing operations — defibering, splitting, fibre division (scutching, carding), dividing of integumentary and other ballast fabric. This hardware is the basis for the making of block-modular equipment (line) for the production of high-grade flax fibre with a high percentage of the valuable long-fibre material output, with productivity of 0,5ton per hour:

  • hydrodynamic spray plant with a set of nozzle combs and power and manufacturing equipment using a fine adjustment of energy and speed of the energy carrier action;
  • aerodynamic spray plant with a set of nozzle combs, power and manufacturing equipment;
  • disintegrator-defibrator for the processing of wastes of the flaxproduction into the fine-fibre dispersed material.

According to the suggested technology the lamination and breaking are combined into one engeneering process, and all the other manufacturing operations machines including are replaced by developed by us new hydrodynamic and aerodynamic spray hardware for the processing using nozzle tools-combs. At that the hydrodynamic spray method of action is meant for the effective division of fibres from the cost and other dirt in the moving layer of the raw material, and the aerodynamic spray method is used for the more profound elimination of the wood and other dirt from the pulp, drying and the deep decomposition into elementary fibres.

The engeneering simplicity of the implementation of the fine adjustment of hydrodynamic and aerodynamic power-mechanical data in a wide range of its magnitude secure the jump of the general percentage of the fibre output from the stock as well as the percentage of the high-grade fibre output   by a sharp reduction of its prime cost. Considering its characteristics the given system is unique in Russia and abroad. For example, when reduction of the weight in more than 10 times in comparison with the produced nowadays breaking-scutching and carding aggregate, with the energy intensity in 2,5 times lower, with the simultaneous increase of the percentage of high-grade fibre output in 1,5-2 times, the prime cost of the given equipment considering its full-scale production is lower than the prime cost of the present equipment in 10 times.

We can suggest the creating, the organization of production and the delivery (sale) the whole set of machinery and technology for the profound fibrous raw materials processing as well as detached machines and aggregators for the reconstruction of  existent factories with the purpose of its simplification and sharp incease of it effectiveness.

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