The complex sysytem of machines and technologies for the production and application of constructional and heat-insulating cellular bodies, solutions, dry mixes and heat-insulating materials

        The new genaration of energy-economy intensive metods and machines for crushing, fragmentation-activation, dispersion-spraying, separation and classification of  superfine and granular materials allows to produce effective and compatative capable multi-purpose machines for the production of dispersed composite materials with necessary qualities (powders, pastes and suspension) with the help of modern methods of despersed technology practically from any initial material. The created machines have a high specific capacity considering low energi inputs, multipurpose, easy to readjust, permit to produce qualitative manufactures and surpass all known analogs in its perfomance attributes. The main distinction of these machines lies in the creation of shear forces of the necessary intensity in the medium of crushed material and  the combination of crushing and material withdrawal zones, i.e the realization of the method of dynamic and hydrostatic self-grinding in the absence of grinding bodies. Such technology greatly increase the life time of grinding machines. The developed hardware give the opportunity to develop new technologies and materials, and to improve the existing engeneering processes. These researches form a complex technological system for the production of dispersed components of construction materials and allow to create processing plants for the production of qualitative and cheap constructional, waterproofing, antirust and heat-insulating materials.

        The suggested system of machines and technologies includes the equipment and technology for:

  • production of activated dispersed building mixes (dry and suspensions);
  • production of cement-silicic wollastonite (glue) composition and its application;
  • activation of cements including stale and coloured; it allows to convert the cement M200 into the cement М400;
  • production of powder paints ( also paste-like and suspension);
  • fine crushing of cinders and ashes;
  • fragmentation of viscous-plastic materials: chalk, lime carbonate, clay, etc.;
  • production of powder clay;
  • thorough blending of dry dispersed suspensions;
  • production, transportation and application of aerated concrete mix;
  • production, transportation and supply of cold bitumen rubberized mastics.

    These developments allow to design technological complexes for the waterproofing, rust protection and heat-shielding of practically any building.

    The suggested complex of working operations lies in the following:

    On a crushing-activation plant the activized cement-silicic (wollastonite) colloid blend is produced, on the basis of which a water-emulsion glue composition is prepared which is applied on the work surface for the rust protection.

    For the heat-shielding in the foam generator a foam composition is prepared from the activized superfine (colloid) cement-silicic blend. The foam blend is applied on the surface to get the heat-insulating coat. 

    To create a water-proofing coat there was produced a plant for the production of water-emulsion bitumen (rubberized) mastic and a masticdeliverer for its transportation and application on the necessary surface.

    We suggest the organisation of the production and sale of the whole complex of machines, plants and technologies as well as separate machines and plants for the production of dispersed components of building materials with any physiochemical qualities.

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