Polymeric coatings

Polymeric coatings which economize natural and energy resources, do not harm the enviroment and peoples health, were selected from a lige variety of elaborations developed to the stage of small-batch production. The most socially important out of them are:

1. Equipment and technology for the applying of polymeric coatings. Purpose: ecologically pure, long-term antirust-decorative coats for all kinds of metalware (it can be an alternative to traditional high-toxic liquid varnish-and-paint and galanic coatings, while our technology reduce the production toxity in 500-1000 times).

2. Repair of the intraurban plumbing without ditches. Purpose: operative breakdown eliminations at pressure pipings of hot and cold water supply, under artificial constructions.

Advantages: the period of a breakdown elimination during winter is 1 -4 hours comparing with 1-4 days according to the traditional technology. The cost of the elimination reduces in 10-20 times, excluding breakdown consequences (soil subsidence and underflooding). Thish technology allows to preserve the roadway and other coverings, and to extend the life time of the pipework till its scheduled repair.

3. Equipment and technology of the applying of antirust cement-sand coverings on the inside of steel pipes.

Purpose: the extension of the pipework life time till 50-60 years, the prevention of the potable water secondary pollution with injurous additives, due to the fact that the water does not contact with metall inside of pipes.

Advantages: this technology allows to apply  coverings on pipes of 75 mm and more in diametre (the existent techologies - from 300 mm and more); the covering is applied by a dry method, that in 8-10 times simplify the process of the covering application and forming.

Nowadays such technologies are introduce in small quanities but they are rather popular. The main factor for the preventing the technology from being introduced in mass production is the high price of the processing equipment. This is caused by primitive methods of the production and assemling of the proceesing equipment, that in its turn is connected with the absence of own production material and technical basis. A modern production basis with necessary processing equipment will allow to improve consumer characteristics of our production, reduce its costs and increase the throughput.

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