Construction project for the Sugar Plant

In Siberia sugar is delivered from the West. Attempts to establish its production in Siberia failed because there are no raw materials for the traditional sugar production in Siberia. For example, beet needs160 sunny days to ripen, while there are only 90 sunny days in our clomate conditions. Besides, in the Westthere can be noticed a sharp reduction of the sugar production.

The suggested new method for the sugar production from grain can solve many problems of the Siberian region.

As a raw material Altai wheat can be used. It contains a high percentage of  gluten. The cos of the gluten is in 10 times higher than that of sugar. This product can cover the cost of the project during 1 year.

Sugar can be produced from any grain-crops and potatoes. The intermediate product at the sugar production is starch.

There is an opportunity of turnkey project of the Plant producing:

  • gluten;
  • refined А-tarch;
  • dehydrated В-starch.

The productivity of th plant is 5000 kg per hour, using wheat as the initial material. There is a complete list of componentry of th plant with a detailed description of the working technology and basic calculations.

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